Welcome to CAN-TRBO

Joining the network

We are happy to support all DMR based repeaters on our network, including Motorola, Hytera, and MMDVM based homebrew repeaters and hotspots. Repeater Requirements:
  • A coordinated repeater pair (RAC Frequency Coordinators)
  • Valid DMR repeater ID issued by radioID.net
  • An established repeater site with a stable internet connection (static IP may be required in some but not all cases)
If you meet these simply send our admin team an email, we will reply typically within 24-48 hours and provide connection details and assist any way possible.

Hotspot Access

We are also happy to provide hotspot access to our network via our IPSC2 Server for most hotspots, like those that are Pi-Star based simply set your DMR Master to “DMR+_IPSC-CAN-TRBO”. More detailed info will be added in the future, in the meantime direct any questions to admin team.

Contact Us

Any questions, comments, concerns or to report network issues please email the admin team and include as much detail as possible. You can also follow us on facebook