CAN-TRBO is hosting DMR-MARC Canada Amateur repeater network and it is using a communication device called c-Bridge from Rayfield Communications. This device allows to route calls between different IPSC networks and/or remote c-Bridges.

CAN-TRBO has been operational since early 2013 and its goal is to provide connectivity for the Canadian MotoTRBO digital repeaters to the World wide DMR-MARC network. The connectivity is provided from Montreal using a very stable 50 mbps, high bandwdith connection to Canada's leading Internet provider.

On top of being connected to the DMR-MARC network in the US, it is hosting the Canada Wide talkgroup (302) and also several provincial wide talkgroups for Québec, Ontario and Alberta. It also interconnects with the BC-TRBO c-Bridge hosted by the New Westminster Amateur Radio Club and also with K0SY (which is providing connectivity to the Canadian Maritimes repeaters) for the Canada Wide and Provincial talkgroups. The Canada Wide talkgroup is also made available south of the border to the DMR-MARC, DCI and MIT networks.

It is also hosting the Worlwide French talkgroup (11) for North America supported by a Smart PTT type connection coming from Geneva Switzerland.

It is also interconnected with the DCI for "The Bridge" (3100) and TAC-310 talkgroups and with MIT for the 3125 talkgroup.

The CAN-TRBO was made possible initially by the financial support of Alain Reid (VA2SPB), Don Trynor (VA3XFT), Chris Gaylor (VE2BNI). Many others have generously contributed financially to the project.

The c-Bridge is being hosted by Alain Reid (VA2SPB) and operated by Nick Robinson


The CAN-TRBO data collector is build as a Windows service using C# and the data is stored in an MS SQL database. The site is developed using ASP.NET using the BootStrap web framework and many popular plug-ins like jQuery, DataTables , moment.js, JSON.net, etc. If you need help with your project, I am open to sharing my source code, just reach out to me.


There is also lots of credits that are due to Robert Garcia (N5QM) who developed the dmr.watch site, for the inspiration especially around the web front end portion. However, the collector back-end is implemented quite differently. This has been a good learning experience. Thanks Robert for the inspiration!


You can help CAN-TRO by making a donation. This will help us make improvements and to cover the cost of hosting the C-Bridge and this site. It is certainly not required, but definately appreciated. :-)